Social and Digital Media

Social and digital media have changed communication and communication management in crisis situations in the 21st century. There are firms nowadays organizing intervention plans, challenged by the immediate and diffused nature of the web. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube often dictate headlines of main newspapers. Ways and means that companies and administrations have to use to protect their trademark have changed and keep changing continuously. Public opinion increased expectations, and with sharper criticism, declares more and more thoughts and opinions. Today, all activities performed with the target of protecting companies’ reputation can depend on web evolutions and therefore be decided ‘online’. In modern communication environment every strategy strictly based only on traditional medias can not win alone anymore, it needs an integrated and present digital media part.

S.C.A. organizes media campaigns with social networks and traditional medias, forming personalized strategies in order to reach all selected interest groups. Our monitoring programs allow to detect potential imminent threats or crises. They predict possible attacks to the brand and allow to the customers to realize assisted media campaign, followed by editors specialized in the universal digital media world:

  • Social and digital media monitoring;
  • Contents development for social media;
  • Websites development;
  • Online advertising;
  • Marketing with browsers;
  • Digital branding;
  • Social network developments and communities creation.