Reputation Management

Protect your precious assets.

Reputation management of a trademark or of company, is an activity that must be drived by the company themselves, the institutions, and the political authorities in a responsible and continuos way. Being confronted with many different subjects, it is difficult to convince everybody, especially in times where, with digital communication there are no limits to the diffusion of contradictory messages that can cause an apparently incomprehensible disorder.

We can not underestimate the possible damages caused by a bad management of the reputation, particularly against external attacks. S.C.A. offers the necessary resources to act promptly and defuse and remove all dangerous elements for the reputation of the clients. The reputation of the companies and the private persons can not be monitored only when involved in crisis situation.  Reputation management is a continuos process that must have long term plans in times when skepticism, hostility and several opponents hid in all market bands. S.C.A. professionals with an attentive monitoring can anticipate and act before crises eve start.  S.C.A. customers are companies from different branches, like ‘Energy’, ‘Tertiary/Facility’, Health and also exposed companies that can be attacked by public opinion. All the companies should try to create in the quiet times communication strategies to rise their credibility, the number of uninvolved supporters, and produce initiatives to develop and increase their good reputation, that will be their fortune in difficult times.