Public Affairs & Issue Management


Mobilize. Influence. Win. Three words to describe the activity of public affairs. This activity is very next to the heart of the company because it allows to create the necessary legal base, intervening on the legislator, in order to make him conscious of the needs of the companies later following the law (non to force him to create rules). The winning formula of S.C.A. strategic communication presumes changements in the opinion makers, in the governmental policy, and in political issues itselves, acting nation-, region- and city-wide.
The experts in public affairs of S.C.A support you completely with communication services like:

  • Legal support (communication and law
  • Focused search of Opinion Leader
  • Monitoring and early warning of identification
  • Text (speech, press announcement, etc.) editing
  • Relationship with trade associations
  • Conduction of surveys and research work (opinion)

Nowadays legislators and regulators are influenced by group of interests increasingly bigger and various. In this disorder, willing to match clear decisions for the public , it is unavoidable to support those that speak out clear, and coherently, with the stronger voice.